Action Box Visual Scripting by Athagon Studios  v1.05
ActionBOX is Unity 3D tool to capture events and making actions when the events are happening.
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Action Box Visual Scripting Documentation
Action Box is manager of Events, which creates multiple Actions without writing a line of code.

This powerful system is designed for the artists who does not know how to program. With Action Box they will be able to create interactive actions easily.

ActionBOX is Unity 3D tool to capture events and making actions when the events are happening.

In an ActionBOX component you can centralize the events capture of several GameObject. For each GameObject you could add an event list. By each of event, you can make several actions.

Also you can apply each action on several Game Object. There are various action types: creating GameObject, playing audio clips, animation, loading a scene ...


When GameObject 1 is selected, it activates a GameObject 2 and GameObject 3.

The ActionBox directory is: [Directory ActionBOX] = Dirctorio_Proyecto/Assets/AthagonStudios/ActionBox/

The system is based in 3 components:


Component used to run the Action Box events in the listed GameObjets. Adds the EventBOX component in all the used objects, or remove them when the ActionBox is destroyed.
You can see the API reference to know the internal workings. To modify the ActionBox general behavior, you can modify the source file [Directorio ActionBOX]/Components/ActionBOX.cs


This component gets all available ActionBox events in the added GameObject
responsible to call the correspondent actions.
You can customice your own events editing the source file class
[Directorio ActionBOX]/Components/EventBOX.cs.


This component make all the default available actions in ActionBOX. Just can be executed from EventBOX.
You can customice your own actions editing the source file class [Directorio ActionBOX]/Components/Classes/ActionInfo.cs and creating new actions at [Directorio ActionBOX]/Components/Actions/

The official website of ActionBOX features:

- A complete guide with screenshots in PDF format
- Links to video tutorials
- Online API documentation
- Examples compiled for Unity Web Player
- A complete reference guide
ActionBox support: