Action Box Visual Scripting by Athagon Studios  v1.05
ActionBOX is Unity 3D tool to capture events and making actions when the events are happening.
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 |oCActionBOXComponent used to handle events in the GameObjects ActionBOX indicated. Responsible Event_Controller adding component used in all objects or remove them when destroyed.
Componente utilizado para manejar los eventos de ActionBOX en los GameObjects indicados. Se encarga de añadir el componente Event_Controller en todos los objetos usados o quitarlos cuando se destruye.
 |oCAnimateActionAnimate action. Plays an animation on an object. bool_1 type indicates whether Animator (true) or Legacy Animation (false). bool_2 indicates if you have to play or stop. float_1 indicates the speed s_string_3 indicates whether to animate from the beginning or from the end wrapMode indicates the mode
 |oCBaseActionBase action class. Have a reference to the ActionInfo
 |oCChangeStateActionChange state action. Changes the state of an object or component. bool_1 indicates whether you must do recursively componentType indicates that you must enable or descactivar (GameObject, component ...)
 |oCCreateActionCreate action. Instantiante an GameObject
 |oCDeleteActionDelete action. This action is use to destroy game objects or components. If bool_1 is active it destroy components recursively
 |oCLoadSceneActionLoad scene action. It perform in Event BOX directly
 |oCMoveActionMove action. string_2 If user select a parent where Move string_1 If user select a "position relative to GameObject" option int_2 Move mode 0 - "Local motion" 1 - "To local position" 2 - "Global motion" 3 - "To global position"
 |oCPlaySoundActionPlay sound action. Play an audio clip in the vector3 position
 |oCRotateActionRotate action. Rotate the specified gameObj. This action use use int_2 to indicate wich form Rotate: int_2=0 = Local Rotate int_2=1 = To local Rotate int_2=2 = Global Rotate int_2=4 = To global Rotate
 |oCSendMessageActionSend message action. If bool_1 is active do it recursively
 |oCActionInfoComponent that is responsible for taking all actions available by default in ActionBOX. This class have an example class of customized different actions. Use it for add your own actions to ActionBOX. Action controller. This class have an example of customize different actions.
Componente que se encarga de realizar todas las acciones disponibles por defecto en ActionBOX. Esta clase tiene una clase de ejemplo con diferentes acciones. Se usa para añadir sus propias acciones a ActionBOX. Controlador de acciones. Esta clase tiene un ejemplo para personalizar diferentes acciones.
 |oCEventInfoThis class is the struct for an event info.
 |oCEventListInfoOnly storage an Event list
 |oCGameObjectInfoASGameObject is use to storage an ActionBOX GameObject, their events and their name. /summary>
 |oCEventBOXComponent that receives all events in ActionBOX the GameObject to which it is attached, and which is responsible for calling the appropriate action.
This class have an example of customize event: OnParticleCollision event.
Use it for add your own events to ActionBOX.
Componente que recibe todos los eventos disponibles en ActionBOX en el GameObject al que esta adjuntado, y que se encarga de llamar a las acciones que correspondan.
Esta clase tiene un ejemplo de evento personalizado: Evento OnParticleCollision.
Usela para añadir sus propios eventos a ActionBOX.