Enjoy working with Action Box!
Action Box is an Unity 3D tool oriented to streamline the workflow of artists and developers. Its comfortable and intuitive interface provide the ability to organize easily the management of events and actions of multiple objects.
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  • Manager of events and actions with a friendly and adaptable interface.
  • Custom events and actions may be programmed.
  • Events:
    • Collision (On Enter, On Exit, On Stay)
    • Mouse (Mouse Down, Mouse Up, Mouse Exit, Mouse Over, Mouse Enter)
    • Keyboard (Key Down, Key Pressing)
    • Object (Start, OnEnable, OnDisable, OnDestroy)
    • Animation (On stop)
  • Actions:
    • Load Scene
    • Send Message
    • Animation Clip (Wrap mode, reverse)
    • Animator (states and parameters)
    • Activate / Deactivate / Delete
    • Play Sound
    • Create
    • Move / Rotate / Scale
    • Look At
  • Done by indies for indies
  • Sample scenes with quality content
user interface
Setup easily interactivity for scenes or prefab without wasting time.
with mobile
Create easily your menus compatible with desktop, mobiles and tablets.
17 events
& 11 flexible actions
Create multiple Actions without writing a line of code. Infinite possibilities for you.